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Professional Treatments



We use Nimue Skin Technology and Payot Professional exclusively for all our face treatments. Your treatments can be further supported with prescribed products to be used at home.


Payot Parisian Facial Menu:

Our modern lifestyle's put the skin under strain. The complexion becomes dull, signs of tiredness are more and more visible and the face is marked.


Power Deep Cleansing Facial                                                                                            60 mins - $115.00

Combines the use of steam and enzyme exfoliation to give the skin a thorough cleanse. The use of a clay mask enhances skins texture and continues to draw out impurities from the skin.


Classic Facial with Micro Dermabrasion                                                                          60 mins - $145.00

A classic treatment tailored to your specific needs including a dual cleanse, tone, microdermabrasion, professional masque & facial massage.

Choose from Soothing, Purifying, Hydrating or Skin Radiance.


Emporia Ultimate Facial                                                                                                     75 mins - $155.00

This exclusive therapy features Payot’s detoxifying & firming facial massage.  A special masque treatment designed to correct imperfections, provide optimal hydration, stimulate cell renewal & prevent the signs of ageing. This treatment is results driven luxury.

Choose from Detoxifying Radiance, Lifting & Firming or Anti-Ageing


Nimue Facial Menu:

Thermal Detox Peel                                                                                                             30 mins - $75.00

Nimue’s NEW professional cabin innovation, Thermal Detox Peel, is inspired by the flash treatment trend.  Nimue is the first skincare brand to launch a peel combining a foaming action with a thermo-sensory mechanism that deep cleanses, exfoliates and oxygenates to achieve the below instant results: Removal of impurities and excess oil, Refining of pore size, Softening of fine lines and wrinkles, Softening and smoothing of skin texture, Providing a more even skin tone, Enhancing radiance and Increasing hydration.

Nimue’s NEW Thermal Detox Peel will stimulate the senses with its rich charcoal/black colour, its foaming/bubbling action and a warming sensation created on the skin.


Nimue Deep Cleanse treatment                                                                                         60 mins - $115.00

Treatment description: This is a deep cleanse treatment that purifies the skin and provides effective results incorporating cleansing, steam (optional), extractions and treatment mask.

Indicated for all skin classifications especially problematic skins.


Active Rejuvenation Booster treatment                                                                           60 mins - $145.00

Treatment description: An active treatment with 15% Bio-Active complex. It is an active, yet gentle and safe treatment that facilitates dermal rejuvenation. This treatment delivers superior results, reducing pore size and achieving more refined texture, elasticity, radiance and vitality.


Nimue SRC Facial Treatments

Nimue SRC Skin Resurfacing Facial is available in three skin classifications – Environmentally Damaged, Hyper pigmented and Problematic – which all aim to resurface the skin and stimulate epidermal growth through the removal of damaged layers of the stratum corneum, while reducing downtime, inflammation and offering faster skin barrier repair.

The treatment system is formulated with a specific combination and concentration of acids, and the company recommend using the new Neutraliser Plus post treatment, to slow down the skin’s pH normalisation, while replacing bio lipids to increase repair of the skin.


Nimue SRC Problematic Peel                                                                                           60 mins - $160.00

Problematic Skin SRC: Formulated to dissolve dead skin cells and de-congests, while refining and softening the skin, this option also helps to reduce pore size.


Nimue SRC Pigmentation Peel                                                                                        60 mins - $160.00

Hyper-pigmented skin SRC: Formulated to promote skin brightening, while offering renewal and refinement of the skin.


Nimue SRC Rejuvenating Peel                                                                                        60 mins - $160.00

Environmentally Damaged SRC: Formulated to reduce wrinkles, soften and refine skin texture and provide immediate skin radiance.


Skinfaktor Facial Menu:

Dermia Facial                                                                                                                    60 mins - $175.00





Our Body Treatments are designed for those in need of wellbeing and balance.

Private Detox Sauna

Our unique infra-red sauna is ideal for improving skin tone, removing toxins and strengthening the immune system. Great for stress, fatigue and pain relief.

30 min – $30.00

Back Acne treatment

In addition to targeting only the back with cleansing, exfoliation, toning and moisturising, this treatment also includes either extractions or massage.

45 min – $99.00

Full Body Exfoliation

A customised exfoliation of the entire body that will leave your skin cleansed, polished and softened.

45 min – $99.00

Full Body Massage

(Aromatherapy or Swedish) Restore a sense of wellbeing by reducing tension and the negative effects of everyday stress.

60 min – $100.00

Warm Oil Back Massage

30 min – $50.00

Body Wrap

Detoxify and nourish your body with a warm relaxing wrap and experience pure sensuality to delight your senses.

45 min – $99.00

Elixir Treatment

This hydrating, nourishing and relaxing experience for the mind and body includes an exfoliating body scrub followed by a soothing body wrap and is completed with a full body massage.

2 hrs – $230.00



From a quick coat of colour to a full pampering experience – the choice is yours!


Lunchtime manicure 25 min - $35.00
Shellac manicure 45 min - $45.00
Shellac removal 15 min - $15.00
Royal pedicure 60 min - $70.00
Lunchtime pedicure 30 mins - $45.00
Change of nail colour 10 min - $20.00
Add on; warm paraffin infusion 15 min - $20.00
Add on; callous peel for feet  15 min - $20.00
Add on; Shellac 15 mins - $20.00


Natural, glamour or bridal 60 min – $80


Brow shaping 15 min - $15.00
Brow tinting or lightening 15 min - $15.00
Lash tinting 15 min - $25.00
Lash perm and tint 45 min - $99.00
Lash extensions (silk or acrylic) 75 min -  $120.00
Lash extensions refill 45 min - $70.00
Lash extensions removal  15 min - $10.00


At Emporia Salon & Day Spa, we use the highest quality roll-on cartridge strip waxing systems. For sensitive areas (face, underarms and bikini), we use the highest quality hot wax (no strips). For your comfort, we also provide disposable underwear upon request.


Female Waxing:
Eyebrow and lip $25.00
Lip or chin $10.00
Brow $15.00
Sides $15.00
Full face $50.00
Underarms $15.00
Half arm $25.00
3/4 arm $30.00
Full arm $35.00
Lower half leg $30.00
Upper leg $35.00
Full legs $45.00
Bikini $20.00
High bikini $35.00
XXX $45.00
Tummy wax $25.00
Nose $10.00
Male Waxing:
Eyebrow tidy $15.00
Neck $15.00
Back and shoulders $50.00
Shoulders $25.00
Chest $20.00
Chest and stomach $50.00
Half arm $35.00
Full arm $45.00
Full legs $60.00
Ears $10.00


Using natural ingredients to enhance and invigorate your skin, VANI-T spray tan formula is perfectly designed to give you vibrant bronze glow. It’s ideal for disguising cellulite, stretch marks and other skin imperfections. Fast-acting ingredients mean you can achieve a sunless tan rapidly and look your best quicker than ever, with benefits of beautiful cocoa butter tones, no tell tale odour, and intense hydration.



  • Thoroughly exfoliate the night before using Vani-T's Tan Eraser
  • Perform hair removal 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment
  • Shower just prior to your tan if possible
  • Wear no moisturiser, perfume or deodorant to your spray tan appointment, and wear dark, loose fitting clothing afterward
  • Do not shower or exercise until 8–10 hours after your tan (1–4 hours for Velocity)
  • Use Vani-T's SLS-free body wash and body shampoo daily to cleanse your skin and always pat dry
  • Avoid anything that may exfoliate your skin such as long, hot baths/spas, saunas or exposure to chlorinated water
  • Keep skin hydrated and use Vani-T's Bronzing Custard every second day to extend the life of your tan


Here Comes the Bride

An ideal honey-dipped glow for brides or those wanting the perfect hint of natural colour.
Wash off after 4 hours.



For those wanting gorgeous olive tones with a hint of sun-kissed 'just off the beach' red undertones. Custom apply with a light coat for fairer skin and a heavier coat for darker skin.
Wash off after 4 hours


Velocity Dark (original)

Achieve a deep tan in as little as 1 hour with quad bronzing technology and transdermal delivery of active ingredients. Chocolate based formula delivers universally flawless results to suit any skin tone.


Velocity Dark (Violet Based)

For those after a depth of colour that replicates the exotic European sun, with no orange tones to maintain a natural glow. Wash after 1-4 hours, the longer the darker tan obtained.


Velocity Ultra Dark

Achieve an even deeper and darker chocolate based glow. Wash after 1-3 hours, the longer the darker tan obtained.


Bondi Goddess

Deep honey coloured tan with the perfect red undertone. Stand out from the crowd with this flawless blend. Suitable for all skin tones
Wash off after 6–8 hours


Ebony Nights

Perfect honeycomb/chocolate tan – absolutely stunning on those with naturally darker skin tones.
Wash off after 4–6 hours


Dare to Be Dark

Rich, velvety chocolate tan with a warm red undertone. Guaranteed to please the most discerning tanner.
Wash off after 3–4 hours


Liquid Sun (Medium or Dark) 

Liquid Sun provides a deep, honey-dipped glow with potent age fighting, skin firming and cell rejuvenation properties- all in one innovative product. Medium colour designed to add a natural golden glow to light skin tones, and dark colour best suited for brown or olive undertones. Wash after 8 hours.


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Emporia Salon & Day Spa

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(03) 9792 3335

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